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Dewan e Saghar is another elctronic book for mobiles and android composed to urdu poetry art of Ghazal is introduced in such a way reader can read the urdu Ghazals in a thorough manner.Dewan e saghar is written by the most famous Urdu Poet Saghar Siddiqui ;Who wrotes the Urdu literature in the genre of Nazm and Ghazal also.He is also known by Muhammad Akhtar by pen.This Book is composed of only ghazals Hamd and even naats in four phrases also exist.To know the content reader must know the urdu language to make a quick and conceptual readings.

Dewan e Saghar describes the series of contents mentioned in first pages of book traditionally.In this book poet come to give the bunch of nazms and ghazals makes the reader to happy reading of urdu e book.This book has atleast 130 pages this makes a mini,cute e book to make reading by you mobile and android service.

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