New Responsive E-book

Dewan e Dagh

This book describes the bucnh of poetry related to Ghazals and Poems.

Dewan e dagh is the responsive poetry book,composed of limited data of poetry which is not only has collection of type of urdu poetry Ghazals; but also fair of poems have to engage in it.Dewan e dagh is recently created to show the fact of urdu literature among new and progressive learnings.As we come to know dewan e dagh is the old name itroduces the true feeling of

a poet name Nawab Mirza;Him is known to a poet of Urdu literature called “Ghazals“.He is also name as Nawab Mirza Khan as he named to Nawab Mirza Dagh Dehlvi.This e book is composed of almost 160 pages full of bunch of poetry Ghazals and poems.The content is pure scanned pages of urdu poetry makes more ease to reader to get through the whole book.Pages are almost clean to view the content rather but you must has to know the old writing of Urdu Literature.By that fact you come to know by making through this e book one can go through the old urdu literature by their own.

By the way this ebook has bottom viewing ad which might related to Urdu literature.Reader can view the more facts to know by that special notification.One thing to remind Reader can easily view certain page by left navigator,on the other way book is mini and cute to kill the flow of time you must be making.

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