Fakhar Naqvi (CEO)

A senior software developer who love to work mostly in java. He has advance level Cyber Security Certifications like CCSP, CISA & CISSP. He puts serious effort into his work and is blessed with leadership abilities. Treat his team members with love and care. He is very serious regarding workplace ethics. He loves to support and motivate who are willing.

Mehmood Hussain (CTO)

A sincere Team Leader with exceptional abilities in Application Development. He is very innovative and emphasis on using modern development techniques, puts a lot of coding and designing work in his apps. Beside programming he love to travel and take beautiful photographs. He got some serious skills in Photography.

Muhammad Raza

Mr. Raza is an Android developer & Trainer. Who loves to write apps within due time no matter what it takes. He mostly loves to develop apps containing books and other useful tutorials. He takes a great care for the appealing design of the apps .Got a great sense of humor. Furthermore, he loves to watch wrestling and playing video games.

Muhammad Saif

Our very own web developer. Intelligent and hardworking. Has ability to develop amazing websites in no time. He works mostly in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Loves to work in a quite environment. Beside all this he loves reading poetry, and writing blogs.

Sultan Mehmood

Mr. Sultan is a very creative content writer and take care of all the content related stuff for us. Also provide innovative ideas to compete in this neck cut industry. He is also working as a legal adviser for a lot of projects under AFT. He is a fitness enthusiast and loves to go to the gym.